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Buildings for Mining

Fabric buildings are the ideal building solution for resource development, providing fabric structures for temporary drill site buildings, machinery and equipment storage, processing facilities, and general warehousing. Our fabric structures can be rapidly installed in remote areas to meet rigid construction timelines, and are easily expanded, de-constructed or relocated.

Brite Rigid Frame Buildings fabric buildings can be erected on a variety of foundation styles, including our base rail earth anchor foundation, concrete blocks and shipping containers. This variety allows us to offer temporary structures, portable building solutions, and relocatable buildings that can be deconstructed moved or stored. Hybrid building solutions using shipping containers provide for maximum utilization of the foundation, used as functional space for employee housing, change rooms, washrooms, workshops, storage, or whatever space you may need.

Our buildings allow for clearance for heavy equipment and machinery, with no interior columns to obstruct the work area. Fabric structures can be rapidly constructed in remote locations in a fraction of the time of conventional buildings and can be de-constructed creating little environmental interference.

Non-corrosive fabric roof systems have a high rip, tear and puncture strength, and stand up to harsh environments. Fabric covers allow for bright natural light, and an airy and well-ventilated interior,  which creates a safe working environment for anyone working inside the building.

Custom components include:

  • Variety of door styles and sizes
  • Insulation and liners
  • Portable foundations
  • Space to accommodate conveyors and other large machinery
  • HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and more