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Storage Buildings for Agriculture

Brite Rigid Frame Buildings are the perfect choice for storing hay, commodities and vehicles or equipment due to their superior protection against the damaging effects of weather. The internal spaces of these buildings can be customized to meet individual needs, allowing for single or multi-level storage solutions. Proper ventilation systems can also be installed to reduce any heat and moisture accumulation that could damage stored items in high temperatures. Our fabric buildings’ exceptional height and design have no interior columns, allowing for easy access to your crop and convenient handling by farm machinery.

By protecting your investments from the damaging effects of snow, rain, and UV rays that can cause seized parts, rust, and increased wear-and-tear; our fabric buildings improve the longevity of your investments with reduced maintenance costs. The superior ventilation and air quality eliminate moisture. Unlike metal Quonsets, fabric covers allow for bright natural light, creating a safe working environment for crews working inside the building.

Fabric Barns

You work hard to keep your animals healthy and your farm profitable. The barn you choose can greatly affect the productivity and well-being of all animals and their caretakers.

Compared to traditional wood or steel buildings that are often sealed up tight, Fabric barns create the ideal environment:

  • Superior airflow and ventilation help keep your barn dry by decreasing the moisture and humidity that can cause many ailments
  • All corners of fabric buildings are well-lite for they have fewer pest infestations
  • Fabric buildings help minimize odours as they can be easily washed and disinfected